Monday, March 26, 2012

One month to go!!

In ONE MONTH!! We would have had our intimate 
Wedding Dinner Party here: 
And will be getting ready to embark on the trip of our lifetimes! 
Eeek, so much still to do! 31 days and counting J

Friday, March 16, 2012

Picture Diary, what we can look forward to

42 Days before we leave on our Honeymoon adventure, and time is just flying!

Here are just some of the sites we can look forward to seeing during out trip:

Prague, Check Republic (via here)

Helsinki, Finland (via here)

Riga, Latvia (via here)

Moscow, Russia (via here)

Forbidden City, Beijing China (via here)

Great Wall of China (via here)

Shanghai, China (via here)

Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles USA (via here)

Grand Canyon, USA (via here)

 Las Vegas, USA (via here)

Miami, USA (via here)

Labadee, Haiti (via here)
Falmouth, Jamaica (via here)

 Cozumel, Mexico (via here)

New York City, USA (via here)