Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's do it again!

Wiets and I have been reminiscing about our Honeymoon… It was just so amazing! And what is the best way to cure holiday blues? Plan another one! This trip won’t be the epic six-week-fly-around-the-world kind of holiday, but rather 2 weeks of road tripping through Slovenia, Italy and down the coast of Croatia (with 2 days in Istanbul at the end).

We will be spending no more than 2 nights in each location, and will drive over 2000km through 4 countries – this is our planned route:

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Venice, Italy  - Trieste, Italy - Poreč, Croatia - Zadar, Croatia - Brela, Croatia - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Herceg Novi, Montenegro - Split, Croatia - Rab, Croatia - Zagreb, Croatia

Can. Not. Wait! 

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