Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lost in translation in Russia

Our trip to Moscow started in near disaster... With all the time changes we neglected to change the time on or alarm clock, with the consequence that we over slept by an hour and literally had to run to the check-in counter with minutes to spare (the bonus here was that they forgot to charge us the 60 euro baggage fee - score!)

Being brave, we figured that we'd tackle the Russian public transport system and find our own way to our hotel using the bus and the Metro... The only problem was that everything is written in Russian (we call them hieroglyphics) and nobody speaks or understands English! Needless to say, it took some time and a couple of u-turns to get to our destination. We chose to stay in a English chain hotel - because we figured it would make communicating easier - but even ordering a coffee proved impossible...

We had the absolute luck of being in Moscow on the day of Valadimir Putin's inauguration AND the 9 May celebrations of Victory Day. We happened upon the parade and saw real tanks and military vehicles driving through the streets of Moscow - WOW! The sounds were indescribable!

Even with all the difficulties, Russia proved to be an awesome country, especially when it came to politics, history and architecture... Food, not so much. Soups and pancakes were probably our favorite meals, but it seems like Russians prefer canteen style food and that traditional cuisine really consists of preserved or slow(over)cooked food...

What we did love was the Caviar and Vodka - now we understand how people survive in Russia ;) they drink Vodka like we drink wine.

Riiighttt... So THIS is the bus we need to take to the city...

So pleased with ourselves for making it out of the metro alive :)

A forest close to our hotel. Love tree :)

Luckily some menus had images of the dishes!

Soups and kebabs.

Probably our favorite building in Moscow, St Basil's Cathedral - so over the top!

The Kremlin.

Red square - what an awesome space!

The gardens across the city (and especially inside the Kremlin) are stunning!

We could't believe our luck seeing tanks in the streets during the Victory Day Parade!

Old soviet style underground pub.

Voted the ugliest statue on earth - Peter the Great.

The shops in the Metro tunnels are about 2 x 3 meters in size - selling everything from pastries, to cigarets to underwear.

Best thing about Russia... Vodka! And Caviar - yum!!

O, and the bubbly is surprisingly good too! (celebrating two weeks of being married :)

Babushka dolls.

Russia has amazing buildings everywhere, like the Saviour Cathedral.

One of our best meals... Soup and pancakes.

We found a love tree for our lock :)

Moscow was a city of many contradictions, some memories are awesome (like the tanks!!) and others not so much... But all in all it was a great experience.

Next stop... China! Can. Not. Wait!

Location:Moscow, Russia

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  1. Awesome...julle mag maar travel,geniet so die stories en die foto's, loer elke dag om te kyk of daar updates is ! xx