Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hanging like the locals in Prague

The benefit of staying in a touristy city for more than two days and packing in the 'must see sights' as quickly as you can is getting to experience the city more like a local. We walked and paused and spent hours meandering around the outskirts of the city, soaking up the sights and sounds as we went along.

Not only did we visit parks and local bars, but we even spent a few hours lounging at a local public swimming pool! Yes, it was that hot (sunscreen is your friend) and no, we don't have any pics... men in Prague like wearing banana hammocks and women don't like wearing tops - hours of people watching right there!

We really enjoyed Prague, the atmosphere, the hearty food and the beer... now we have to brace ourselves for a freezing Helsinki... On to the next country and the next adventure!

We often made 'beer stops' along the way in one of the many stunning parks.

The biggest piece of picnic cold meat ever! We literally had to tear it apart with our bare hands :)

Picnic, Czech style - Beer, pork, pickles, mustard and bread. Oh, and a few tomatoes for good measure.

Pretty little spot on the river as the sun sets over the city.

Randomly we came across this site; hundreds of people in the Kampa park watching a fake witch being burnt at the stake while women in witches costumes danced around it with brooms and bushes... It turns out that it's a tradition to banish the cold spirits of winter, welcoming spring.

We dined at a romantic little restaurant that evening - fantastic local grub!

This image doesn't come close to representing the size of this plate! A meat, dumpling, gravy and cabbage feast that could feed a family of four... Saucy, meaty and oooooh so delicious!

More meat! The street stalls reflect the Chez appetite for protein.

We walked along the river for kilometers... Watching row boats, swans and gawking at sites like this random castle on the way.

Spring in Prague is just beautiful! Bulb flowers are in bloom everywhere, creating carpets of color across the city.

Beer in the trees. This little local watering hole is on a hill in the trees - the bar tender could hardly speak a word of English!

Aaaaaw, the joys of an ice cold beer after a long walk :)

Blood sausages and MORE meat! After this meal we were craving something light and green.

A traditional sweet bread on the old town square.

The last beer in the lounge.

Location:Prague, Czech Rebublic

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