Friday, May 4, 2012

Sapas at Juuri Reittio & Baari, Helsinki Finland

An understated personal bistro style restaurant in the heart of Helsinki dished up one of the most memorable meals of our trip so far.

Juuri describes Sapas as 'small Finnish appetizers whose roots lie in the hand-made cooking and Finnish food traditions'. We opted to share a selection of Sapas over a bottle of house wine, wondering if the bite-sized dishes would be enough to satisfy out South African appetites... and indeed they were!

The evening kicked off with a selection of artisan breads: Focaccia with honey, Hard bread with fennel and Rye bread. Then our choice of Sapas started arriving:

Flat crispy bread with smoked vendace fish mousse and beet salad
Akvavit marinated salmon and sour cream
Small vendaces in spiced oil
Smoked baltic herring tartar with red onion
Vendace roe from Puulavesi with dill brioche
Fresh sausage à la Juuri with vodka mustard
Game vorschmack with creamed sour bread
Smoked reindeer tonque with raising pyre
Pastrami of duck breast and cucumber mustard salad
Organic liver cassarole with raisin pyre

The images don't do the dishes justice... flavoursome, well balance, beautifully presented and utterly delicious! Well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Helsinki :)

Location:Helsinki, Finland

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