Monday, April 30, 2012

Beer, meat and lots of walking in Prague

We hit the ground running when we arrived in Prague, walking our way from historic site to gothic building to beer hall, and two days into our trip we have covered almost all the 'must see' tourist attractions.

The city is beautiful and lively, with a pulse that beats well into the
night. The cobble-stone streets, the gothic churches and the ever present smell of meat and beer has us mesmerized and thinking 'we can live like this'! Here is what we've experienced so far:

Someone stood on Wiets' glasses during the night on the airplane bending the arm so badly that we had to stick it to his face with a band-aid (this really was a crisis as he is blind as a mole without his specs!) Luckily a very kind optometrist in a little shop fixed them for him - 'A gift from Prague' he said :)

Beautiful buildings everywhere.

Our first Pilsners (light and dark) in Prague.

The stunning Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square.

Meeeeeat! A 1.3kg Pork Knuckle with all the trimmings - we know that we will be fantasizing about this meal for a long long time!

The city is littered with stunning parks like this one. People having picnics, walking their dogs, exercising or just chilling, the public spaces are vibey and beautiful.

We've brought along nine heart shaped locks to put up in each country we visit during our trip, and this was the perfect spot on a river-way close to the famous Charles Bridge.

'Carry my love.' - the Lennon Wall

LOTS of stairs and steep walking to get to the Petrin Tower (an Eiffel Tower look-alike) situated on a hill surrounded by forests - breathtaking!

Beer tour! We visited micro-breweries and traditional pubs and tasted 5 different beers - Wiets was a happy man :) PS Czech people consume more beer than any other country in the world, up to 1/2 liter per person per day!

'Mopping up the sauce' with traditional Czech bread dumplings - YUM!

We'll be meandering around the city for another two days, and with weather this fantastic, we can see ourselves spending a lot of time on a picnic blanket in one of the parks sipping ice cold beer :)

Location:Prague, Czech Republic