Thursday, June 6, 2013

Driving from Slovenia to Venice

As we continued our road trip out of Slovenia and into Italy we figured we'd drive through the Italian countryside... Much of it was rather flat and boring, but we did happen upon a little town called Palmanova. 

It is called a 'Star Fort' because of its shape - a concentric fortress surrounded by imposing stone walls in the shape of a nine-pointed star. The first construction started as early as 1593! 

We stopped over in Treviso for lunch, but most of the shops and restaurants were closed, so we settled for 'Bar Snacks' at a hole-in-the-wall pub. Delish! Definitely the most glamorous bar-snacks we've ever had ;)

Because we were travelling by car, we couldn't stay in Venice, but rather opted for Mestre, the city just outside Venice where it seemed like all the local Venecians actually lived. What a fantastic place! 

Piazza Ferretto is a typically Italian Piazza, with a modern water feature at the center and lots of different cafe’s with outside seating. This is where I had my first Spritz, a local favorite. It is a bitter orange liquor (Aperol) topped of with sparkling wine (Prosecco). Another obsession began...

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