Sunday, June 9, 2013


Venice is a visual treat! It's over-the-top, colourful, textured and winding. I took a million photos and still can't decide which are my favourites. Here are a few to summarise our experience in one of the world's oldest theme parks:

Venician masks - imagine going to a ball in one of those!

Gondolas navigating the waterways.

Winding alleys filled with water.

Piazza San Marco.

Amazingly delicious Nutella ice cream

Glass blower demonstrations on the tiny island of Murano.

'Street Food' on the banks of the river.

I got up really early to visit the fish market - what an experience! I could have spent the whole day there, and then the whole night cooking with the amazing produce they sell there. 

One of the many fresh fish stalls.

The building that houses some of the fish market has gargoyles that look like fish!

A rolled tuna pizza and Spritz by the water. 

Taking a Spritz break.

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