Thursday, June 6, 2013

Predjama Castle

Situated in the gaping mouth of a cavern halfway up a 123m cliff just 9km northwest of Postojna, Predjama Castle has one of the most dramatic settings. Walking through the medieval castle, it is almost impossible to forget that you’re also in a cave. The walls are built right up against the cave, which offer great defense but also mean living here must have been cold, damp, moldy, and seriously drafty.

The drive up to the castle was dramatic and winding through dense forests. 

What a site! The entire castle is built into the mountain over a cave.

They use to joust on the lawns in front of the castle.

Creepy white walls adorned with hunting trophy's,
complete with a torture chamber. 


The view from the top of the building through the cave opening.

This may have been the moment our obsession with Espresso started.. 

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